The VyStar Credit Union is one of the largest credit unions in the United States. The credit union has over 500,000 members, and about 45 locations, and more than $5.6 billion in assets. It also has over 185 ATMs in 19 counties. It was founded in 1952, out of a need to get credit for civil servants and military employees. This VyStar Bank online banking login guide will show you how to use their online portal, and how to login on multiple devices.

VyStar Online Banking Login Guidelines

The VyStar login portal is an excellent way to access the bank’s services. By logging in, you can view account balances, see the last five transactions, have a quick glance at your spending, view and pay upcoming bills, and many others. Here are the steps you should follow for a successful VyStar login:

  1. On a computer with internet capability, visit the VyStar homepage.
  2. On the left side of the homepage, there is a box with two blank fields. Fill in your username and password in these fields.vystar credit union login
  3. There is a drop down menu labeled ‘Take Me To.’ Choose an option.
  4. Press the orange ‘Login’ button, and you can now access your account.

VyStar Mobile Online Banking Login Guidelines

If you use your mobile phone to login, you can receive an alert for your account, check your balance, and many other functions. Here are the easy steps that you should follow when you use the mobile version of the VyStar login online portal:

  1. On a mobile device, go to the VyStar login page for mobile devices.
  2. On the page, there are two blank fields. Fill in your username and password in these two blank fields.
  3. Press the green ‘Login’ button. You can now access the bank’s online services on your mobile device.

VyStar Mobile Login Guidelines for Apple Users

VyStar login is also possible via an app, if you own an Apple device. The app allows you to deposit checks, find an ATM or bank branch, transfer money, and more. Here are the easy steps you should follow to login via the app:

  1. On an Apple mobile device with an internet connection, visit iTunes. If you use an iPad, there is an app designed specially for iPads.
  2. Download the app to your Apple device, then open it.
  3. Fill in your login details.
  4. You will then be requested to provide the one-time login code. You may also choose to provide verification through a phone call.
  5. You can now access your account, and enjoy Credit Union’s online services.

Mobile Login Guidelines for Android Users

The VyStar Credit Union also provides an application for Android devices. It is an easy way to pay bills, check ATM locations, and so on. Here are the easy steps you will follow to login to your account using the app:

  1. On an Android device with internet capability, visit the Google Play Store.
  2. Download the application to your device.
  3. Await the one-time login code via text, or wait for a verification call.
  4. When you are done, you can use your Android application to access the bank’s online services.

VyStar Online Banking Login Troubleshooting

Some issues may arise when you use the bank’s online portal. For instance, you could forget your username or password. If that happens, click on the ‘Forgot Your Password?’ link at the bottom of the login box. You will be requested to provide your username and your date of birth. Provide these details, and click next. Follow all the remaining instructions to complete the process of recovering your password.

If it does not work, you should contact the bank at 1-800-445-6289. There is always someone willing to provide you with the necessary guidance.

Useful Information

If you ever require further assistance, you can get in touch with the bank using the contact information below.

VyStar Credit Union Help Page
Vystar Credit Union Contact Us Page
Vystar Credit Union Chat Option
Vystar Credit Union Protection Center

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