TCF Financial Corporation wholly owns TCF Bank. It has its headquarters in Wayzata, Minnesota. The bank has over 380 branches in Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Arizona. TCF was founded in 1923 before going public in 1986. The bank has also established a number of campus branches via partnerships with Northern Illinois University, St. Cloud State University, and the University of Minnesota. This TCF login guide is intended to make it easy for users of their online platform to access the bank’s services. Read on to find the step-by-step guidelines.

TCF Online Banking Login Guidelines

The TCF portal is a great way for self-service. It allows customers of the bank to access services such transfer funds to other accounts, check their account balance, pay bills, and many other functions. Here are the specific steps you should follow:
1. On a computer with internet capabilities, visit the TCF bank’s home page.
2. On the top right corner, there is a field with a blank field.
3. Fill your login details in the field labeled “Enter login ID”.
4. The next page will display your authentication credentials. If you recognize the credential, you are on the genuine TCF login portal. If you do not recognize the details, do not fill in your password.
5. After entering your password, press the ‘Log in’ button. You can now access your account.

TCF Mobile Online Banking Login Guidelines

The TCF login process on mobile devices is quite easy. It will give you access to the bank’s online services on the go. One of the services you can access with the bank’s mobile platform is the ability to locate its ATMs. Follow these steps to get started:
1. To use this service, ensure that you are already enrolled in TCF online banking.
2. Go to your mobile phone’s web browser and visit the bank’s home page.
3. Fill in your login details.
4. Follow the remaining instructions to access the bank’s online services on your mobile device.

TCF Bank Mobile Login Guidelines for Apple Users

The TCF login is possible using an application provided by the bank. It is properly maintained to ensure that it does not have any kinks. Use the application by following these steps:
1. Visit the iTunes store.
2. Download the application and install it on your Apple device. The app to works on both iPads and mobiles phones.
3. Fill in your login details to begin using the bank’s online services.

TCF Bank Mobile Login Guidelines for Android Users

TCF offers customers who use the Android platform, an application for their devices. It is an easy way to access their online services. Here are the easy steps:
1. On an Android device with internet capability, visit the Google Play Store.
2. Download and install the application on your device.
3. Fill in your login details in the blanks fields provided. Your account is now ready to use.

TCF Bank Online Banking Login Troubleshooting

There are many issues you may face when using the bank’s online portal. For instance, if you forget the login ID, visit the Forgot ID page. You will have to fill in a number of blank fields. Press the red button on the bottom left corner labeled ‘Continue’ once you are done. If you ever have any other issues you do not understand, you can try to get a solution on the bank’s homepage. There is a search bar on the top right corner of this page. Use it to find solutions to issues you may be facing.

Useful Info

The bank provides its customers with a number they can call. You can call the bank’s customer service department at 800-823-2265. For the hearing impaired, the bank’s customer service department can be reached at 800-343-6145 (TTY). If you need to see other contact information from the bank, you can visit the customer service page. There is a lot of useful information on this page. This TCF login guide will help you access the bank’s online services. Ensure that you read it carefully to know how to access your account through different types of devices. Another important Minnesota-located bank is Bremer, so you might also like to check the Bremer Bank login guide.

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