Sovereign a subsidiary of the Spanish Santander Group, which acquired it in 2013. The bank operates mainly in the Northeastern United States. The bank, which was founded in 1902, has assets of about $77 billion. It is a reliable partner for both corporate banking and retail banking. Additionally, the bank offers other services including online banking. The bank’s online services are the primary focus of this guide. This Sovereign Bank login guide shows you how to use the online portal to access its services online using any internet enabled device. It will make your banking experience with Sovereign Bank from any location flawless.

Sovereign Online Banking Login Guidelines

A customer of Sovereign Bank can log into the bank’s online portal from any location. The only requirement is that the device has a working internet connection. Follow the Sovereign Bank login instructions presented below, and use the online portal for making payments, transferring funds, and more:
1. Open a web browser on an internet-enabled computer and go to the bank’s online account page.
2. On the upper right corner of the Sovereign Bank home page, click on the gray button labelled ‘Login.’
3. Enter the User ID in the blank field in the drop down menu. Press the red login button that is below that field.
4. In the new page you are redirected to, enter your password in the blank field. Press, the red button below it, labelled ‘Submit.’
5. If the details you provided are correct, you will be given access to your online Account.

Sovereign Mobile Online Banking Login Guidelines

You can access the bank’s services through your mobile device. The mobile portal allows you to transfer funds, check account balance among other things using your mobile device. Follow these instructions to use the mobile portal:
1. On a web-enabled mobile device, visit bank’s login page.
2. Click on the gray ‘Login’ button, and fill in your User ID. In the new page, fill in your password.
3. Press ‘Submit’ and you will receive access to your account.

Sovereign Bank Mobile Login Guidelines for Apple Users

The Sovereign Bank login on Apple device users is quite easy. It gives you access to the bank’s online services via the convenience of an application. Here are the easy steps you should follow:
1. Firstly, you must ensure that you have an online banking account with the bank. If you do not have one, make sure you sign up for one.
2. Go to the iTunes store and download the application.
3. Once you finish downloading the app, fill in your online login credentials. You will immediately receive access to your online account.
4. You can use the app to check your account balance, pay bills, transfer funds, and much more after successful sovereign bank online login on your Apple device.

Sovereign Mobile Login Guidelines for Android Users

Android device users can access the bank’s service using an application. A reliable app gives the user access to all the bank’s online services. The process is quite similar to that of Apple devices. Here are the few steps:
1. Ensure that you have a registered online account with the bank.
2. Go to this link to the Play Store and download the application.
3. Fill in the login credentials, and you are good to go.

Sovereign Online Banking Login Troubleshooting

The Sovereign Bank login process is usually flawless almost all the time. However, a few issues may arise occasionally. For instance, your login credential may not work. Ensure that you check if caps lock is enabled on your device. The bank’s login portal is case sensitive. Retype it and try again. Additionally, it is quite possible that you forgot the User Id or Password. Press the retrieve your id page or the reset your password page respectively. Fill in the details in the blank field provided. You should be able to gain access to your account after a short while.

Useful Info

At times, all attempts to resolve issues on your own may be unsuccessful. Sovereign Bank has provided some options for you if that is the case. One option you can use is to call the customer service representatives at this number (1.877.768.2265). The bank always has someone at the other end during normal banking hours. For those with hearing problems, they should use this number (1.800.428.9121). Additionally, you may decide to write an email to the bank for a detailed description of your problem. Visit the contact us page and send the bank an email. One of the finest tools available from this bank is the ATM locator.

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