Communication strategy and social media promotion should be a big part of business objectives. Also, you should take into account the level of development and current market values and business strengths. Social media has an impact in different areas of the business – from product development to customer relations, marketing or recruitment. Therefore, it is very important for each partner and department to be involved in the strategy, to ensure successful implementation of the overall strategy. There are a lot of  social media marketing myths and we are going to talk about them today.

Although it’s been a while since social media first appeared into our lives, people still don’t understand its use in business and in many situations, employers believe it’s a waste of time and an excuse for employees to spend time on Facebook.

There are five easy steps in building a social media strategy:

  1. Setting goals
  2. Choosing the right platforms
  3. Offering amazing content
  4. Deciding how you will engage and how often
  5. Measure results

But before you start thinking about a social media plan, here are some of the most common social media marketing myths.

Blogging is a big waste of time

No, blogging is not a big waste of time, but we understand why you might think that: there is an acute lack of original information online, just a pig pile of various pieces of text gathered form different sources and they all make a so-called brand new article under a different title.

In order to have a successful business blog, you must think about your clients and how they interact with the products or services you are offering. What questions do they have? How should they use a certain product? Answer these questions and you have yourself a good blog which addresses the clients in a more human way compared to a website.

Tip: don’t try to sell on your blog. If your readers want to see prices and “shop now” and “limited offer” messages, they can easily go to the website. Talk about advantages, product reviews and then call-to-action.

A business needs to be present on all social media platforms

Wrong again. The various social media networks that are out there have a different type of audience. For example, Twitter and LinkedIn are more business oriented (business news, job recruitment), Facebook appeals to a younger audience interested in visual messages, Pinterest is mostly for women who are interested in fashion, cooking, interior design and so on. According to your target audience, you must choose one or two social media platforms. Too many is a waste of time, time that could be used for, let’s say, blogging.

You have to post all the time

In terms of social media marketing myths, there is a little something known as “too much”. The last thing you want to do is to harass you fans or followers with constant messages. According to Buffer, Twitter engagement for brands is 17% higher on weekends, 70% of users say they read blogs in the morning and Mondays are the highest traffic days for an average blog. This means you do not need an employee jut for posting on social media.

Social media is the new SEO

That couldn’t be more false. SEO is not dead because Google provides about 60% of site traffic, sometimes even more. It is important that a customer interested in your website finds you in Google. Social media can help you gain visitors, fans and even customers, but it cannot replace Google.

Social Media Logotype

Facebook is the king of social media

You might think that because of all the freedom that Facebook features give users, but according to latest news, Twitter beats Facebook in terms preferred social networks for online shopping for teenagers. In a recent survey of teens’ retail behavior, participants were asked about their favorite networks, and 26% claimed that it was Twitter. Facebook and Instagram each received 23% of survey responses.

A good social media presence guarantees increase in sales

No, social media lets you engage with your fans, interact with them in a more personal manner. Think in terms of conversion rate: how many of the fans you have on Facebook buy something? But how many will take advantage of an offer designed especially for them? Bottom line is that social media is a lottery: sometimes, the most interesting and educational posts get a like or two, but a picture with Grumpy the cat scores each time.

To fight social media marketing myths, you must adapt your business to customers, responding to their needs and understanding that although they like your products, they sometimes enjoy seeing a picture of Grumpy.

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