In the current economic environment, many people find themselves without having any perspectives concerning a new job. There are a lot of online resources that help you find jobs, but it is the moment of the interview that separates the winners from the unemployed. To get to an interview, you must first pass the test with the recruiting person. This is usually your first contact with the potential employer, the one who decides whether your resume is worth getting on the interviewer’s desk. Although it is very important to know what recruiters want to hear or expect from you, you should know what they don’t appreciate. So, here are top four mistakes to avoid during an interview with a recruiter.

Do not be overly friendly

Of course, recruiters are generally warm people, friendly and helpful, as their duty is to guide you through the entire hiring process. However, remember that they are respectable professionals and treat them as such. Be friendly, but not overly familiar. It is preferable to minimize the personal conversations, jokes and physical contact.

At the end of a difficult interview with the hiring manager, you’ll probably feel relieved to see the recruiter smiling. Do not be tempted to respond with the same gesture, because even if the interview is over, you have to focus on the manager.

Golden Rule: In the presence of the recruiter do not say or do anything that you would not say or do in front of your boss.

Do not ask your recruiter career advice

On our list of mistakes to avoid during an interview with a recruiter is asking for career advice. The recruiter’s objective is not to help you get a job, but just to help you easily pass through the whole process of recruitment in a company.

Recruiters are not councilors, so it is not appropriate to ask them for help in writing your letter of intent, a resume or in your career planning. You can ask questions about that company or the field in general, but try to reference the job which you have applied for. And most importantly: keep your best questions for the interview with the hiring manager. This is the person you need to really impress.

The Interview

Do not ask for information about other candidates

You must be concerned with only one person applying for this job. YOU!

Although it is not easy to resist the temptation, you are not supposed to ask information about other candidates for the job in question, because recruiters do not provide such information in general, and in addition, you will seem uncertain of your skills and abilities.

However, you can ask questions about the recruitment process or about that job. Here are some questions of this kind:

Are you still recruited candidates for the job?

How many candidates have signed up for this job?

How would you describe the ideal candidate for this job?

Can I do something to improve my chances at being chosen for this position?

To be on top of the competition, you must be at your best.

No claims for preferential treatment

Although you probably wished it, you’re not the only candidate for the job. And although recruiters are always willing and ready to help, their aim is not to be your lawyer before the hiring manager, but to find the right person for this job (one with skills and experience and who will not resign after six months).

Never ask a recruiter to put in a good word for you in front of the hiring manager. If you are the right person for this job, you will get it. Also, never ask the recruiter to send the hiring manager a message from you, it is better to write a thank you e-mail.

Being to desperate

So, you are here with the recruiter. It’s clear you want and need a job. However, your recruiter does not need to know any personal information regarding your finances and how you are struggling without having a job. The purpose of meeting with a recruiter is not making him feel sorry for you (that would be very awkward), but convincing him that, in fact, you are the right candidate. There is something like too much personal info.

If you can take the initiative and make a difference, the manager will consider you capable, confident and conscientious. Remember that to be treated well by the recruiter, you should treat him the same way. Do you think there are other mistakes to avoid during an interview with a recruiter? What can you tell us from your own experience?

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