MCU (Municipal Credit Union) is the largest credit union in metropolitan New York. The credit union was founded in 1913 by the municipals workers of New York, when the mayor at the time wanted to lessen the stranglehold that loan sharks had on municipal employees. The guide here is intended to help the customers of this credit union have an easy time accessing the MCU online banking services. Read on to find out the steps you need to take to login on any device you have.

MCU Online Banking Login Guidelines

One benefit of using the MCU online banking portal is that you have access to its services 24/7. As a result, you never have to face penalties on late payments of bills, or worry about not having enough time to use its online services. Read on to find out how to login on a desktop browser.

  1. On a web-enabled computer or laptop, visit the MCU homepage at
  2. In the dialogue box to the left of the homepage, select “Online Banking’ from the options provided.
  3. mcu online banking

  4. Click on the yellow ‘Log In’ button, which will take you to a new page.
  5. mcu online banking

  6. On this page, fill in your User ID and Password in the fields provided.
  7. mcu online banking

  8. Click the ‘Login’ button at the bottom of these blank fields, and you will gain access to your online account.
  9. mcu online banking

MCU Mobile Online Banking Login Guidelines

Accessing the bank’s online portal on your mobile device is quite easy. It gives you the ability to pay bills, transfer funds, among other functions, while on the go. Here are the easy steps you should follow to login using a mobile browser:

  1. On a mobile browser, visit the MCU homepage linked above.
  2. Tap the ‘Log In’ button, after selecting ‘Online Banking’ from the options on offer.
  3. In the blank fields provided on the new page, fill in your login credentials.
  4. The portal only works if you have an online banking account with MCU. When you tap the ‘Login’ button, your account will be accessible.

MCU Mobile Login Guidelines for Apple Users

MCU has provided an excellent app for Apple users who wish to conduct MCU online banking with an application. Read on to find out about logging in on the iOS app for MCU customers.

  1. Visit the iTunes Store, and download the NYMCU Mobile Banking app.
  2. After a successful download, you will be prompted to enter your online banking credentials.
  3. You will then be prompted to enable Touch ID on your application. Once that is done, you will be required to submit a fingerprint.
  4. In future logins, you will only need to use your fingerprint to log into your application.

MCU Mobile Login Guidelines for Android Users

The process for logging in using the MCU application for Android devices is quite simple. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. On your Android device, download the tablet application for MCU, or mobile device application for MCU.
  2. Fill in your User ID in the first field provided once you open the app.
  3. Input your password in the second empty field, and you will have access to your account.

MCU Online Banking Login Troubleshooting

The MCU online experience is usually flawless most of the time. However, a few minor issues may arise. A common problem that users face is forgetting their password or User ID. If that happens to you, you can use the useful Forgot password or Forgot User ID links. You will be requested to enter your account number to begin the recovery process. If you are worried about being defrauded online, you should visit the MCU Help page. It contains useful tips on handling fraud.

Useful Information

At times, the online solutions may not work. However, MCU has provided further options for those who wish to access the bank’s services.

MCU Support Phone Number: (212) 693-4900)
MCU Email Address:
MCU Contact Us Page

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