If you think you have to be a computer genius or a business whiz to make money online, you are wrong. Not that it would hurt to be either one, but the simple truth is that all kinds of people have found ways to make money on the Internet. Internet marketing opportunities abound everywhere. All you need to do is look for good ideas and understand a few basics.

Sell Your Products vs Be Affiliate

You have plenty of options concerning what kind of Internet business to pursue. You could, for example, be an affiliate and receive commissions for recommending products developed by other people. Or you could market electronic products – downloadable items like software or Ebooks. You can make money with high quality content or with bulk content. With these kinds of products, you do not have to concern yourself with manufacturing, procurement, inventory management, warehousing or shipping products to your customers. Moreover, once you recoup your initial investment for development, each sale is nearly pure profit.

If those ideas do not appeal to you, you could sell products – physical ones, that is. You can scout out superior products and then contract with a drop shipping company to handle the shipping and other logistical tasks for you.

Or you could sell a particular service that you deliver – whether locally or on the Internet. Another option is the sale of paid memberships or subscriptions. This is a viable line of business if you have access to information that other people do not have and are willing to pay for.

Why would you want to start an Internet business? Let’s face it, there are tons of advantages. You can work from home and significantly reduce your overhead expenses. Plus, you do not have to hassle with a long commute or get involved with politics at the office. When you manage an Internet business of your own, your schedule is up to you. Work as hard as you want to, when you want to.

The current economic woes make Internet businesses especially attractive, whether as a supplement or as a fall back if you should get a pink slip. Many entrepreneurs got their starts during recessions, and so can you.

You should consider six important points if you want to start an Internet business from your home.

  1. You need to be sure that you are ready to start such a business. You must understand the reasons that motivate you to do it, and you want to assess whether or not you are truly prepared.
  2. If you are going to run an Internet business from home, you must be able to connect to the Internet. Sound elementary? Well, have you ever had days when your high speed Internet connection was down?
  3.  You want to be sure that you have reliable, consistent access. Otherwise, you will be frustrated. Also, you need to ensure that you have the necessary equipment and a physical space where you can work, free from household distractions.
  4. You should assess your sense of discipline. You will not succeed unless you devote sufficient time to your business. Can you do this without a boss looking over your shoulder? Can you maintain your focus in light of the many distractions that will bombard you on the web?
  5. Do you have the commitment you will need? People who succeed in Internet businesses thrive on challenge, new opportunities, learning and achieving the goals they have laid out for themselves. Of course, they also thrive on the rewards they get for all their efforts.
  6. You have to think about the opportunity costs of starting your Internet business. These may not be monetary. Instead, they may be drains on your time while you do all the research necessary to get your business off to a good start. Are you willing to let other goals slide, or to give up some of your free time?

If you have positive answers for all these questions, then maybe an Internet business is for you.

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