Logix Federal Credit Union refers to its business as Smarter Banking. This is because members, who are also part owners, receive the company’s profits in the form of better rates, lower fees, and improved services. Logix has been providing these high-level services since 1937. Originally founded to serve Lockheed Aircraft Employees, the credit union now aids residents in the Los Angeles area and has a five-star rating for financial strength. Online banking is a priority service and Logix provides instructions and resources for customer use. However, for those who need additional assistance, this article will explain the Logix online banking login steps in detail.

Logix Online Banking Login Guidelines

Online banking offers full services and even a transaction search function. You can accomplish the login procedure to the online system in a few simple steps because Logix has placed the Logix online banking login form right on the main webpage.

  1. Go to the Logix homepage at www.logixbanking.com
  2. At the top of the page, enter your Username and Password in the spaces provided.
  3. Click on the blue “Login” button.

Logix online banking login form

Before you can conduct your banking business online, you need a Logix account and you need to register that account in the online system. Click on the “Register” link which is directly below the Logix online banking login boxes. Enter your account number, the last four digits of your SSN, and your birthdate. Accept the online accept terms and click “Start”.

Logix Mobile Online Banking Guidelines

Mobile banking lets you manage your accounts from your smartphone or tablet. You can check balances, deposit checks, view statements, and transfer funds using any of your Apple or Android devices. To login through the mobile website:

  1. Open the browser on your mobile device and enter www.logixbanking.com into your browser’s search bar.
  2. Enter your Online Banking username and password and click “Login”.
  3. Answer the security questions you set to gain access.

Using a mobile APP, provides a slightly higher level of security and gives you a few additional functions.

Logix Federal Credit Union Mobile Login Guidelines for Apple Users

Logix Mobile Login Guidelines for Android Users

  1. Open the Logix mobile banking APP on Google Play.
  2. Click the Install button.
  3. Follow the instructions to download and open the app.

Logix Online Banking Login Troubleshooting

If you have problems with your login, you can view the mobile banking FAQ page or call 800-328-5328 for online banking assistance. You should also call this number if your account becomes locked for some reason. If you forget your Logix login credentials, use either the “forgot password” or “forgot username” link on the Logix online banking login screen. Enter your account number, the last four digits of your SSN, birthdate and either username or password. There is even a link in case you forget both credentials.

Useful Info

This article has outlined some important information. If you still need to contact Logix, there are some additional contact resources below.

Website: www.logixbanking.com
By Phone: 800-328-5328 – Customer service contact center
Online: Contact us
or Email to send a comment or question.

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