Working in a company with plenty of colleagues there are certainly times when tensions will arise or times when productivity will just seem to stall. If that is the case then things are as dire as they seem. Considering one or more of these 5 team building activities any company will be able to bring back the spark among its employees.

Building a bike from scratch

When you and your colleagues will find out that the bikes you will build are going to be donated to a local kids charity you will put more soul into making sure the bikes are solidly built. In order to earn pieces of their bikes teams will have to go through a series of tasks and challenges. Once the bikes are completely built they will be taken to a mechanic and he will assess how well they’ve been built and eventually approve the champions of the contest!

Brainstorming mystery game

This can be run as a simple event over casual drinks or a dinner. Teams will have to assist the FBI, CIA and police in order to apprehend criminals that operate in Australia. Then the teams will have to use their skills in order to open a safe and find info in it that will help with catching the criminals. It’s a fun and very good game for teambuilding.

The best chef in the company

This is a very fun teambuilding activity and first off, the teas will have to meet for a briefing by Corporate Challenge. Then they will have to design and eventually prepare a meal that will be judged by expert chefs. In this challenge they’ll have to delegate people for getting the ingredients for the foods and people who’ll set the ambience for the dinner and many more. In the end a master chef will designate the winners.

The Great Race

This is a challenge that’s very similar to the “Amazing race” show and people will have to visit countries and go through all sorts of twists and turns to reach the finish line first. Their main goal is to decide on the shortest path from point A to B. The team needs to use a minibus that’s provided to them by the organizers of the Great Race and get to the right country using it. Using all of their experience teams will eventually have to get to the finish line first!

Lawn bowls

This is an activity that can be easily held at your local bowling green and it combines social interaction with friendly competition. Teams of one to four people will have to compete against each other and there is a variety of activities like round robin tournament, blindfolded bowling and left handed bowling.

Teams will all get to play many games and they will also have plenty of time to socialize with each other and enjoy what they’re experiencing. In the end the team who will have managed to score the highest number of points will be crowned as the winner!

With so many fun corporate team building activities to consider the relationships between employees will become tighter and more meaningful while at the same time they will get to have a great time!

Author Bio: This article was written by Zac Grace on behalf of Corporate Challenge, a leader in corporate team building events.

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