Do you want to make money on the Internet? Looking for the fastest, easiest way to get started? If you are like millions of people today, you have been affected in some way by the slumping global economy. The Internet offers many ways to increase your income.

Affiliate Products

And the fastest and easiest of these methods is to sell affiliate products. This will allow you to establish quickly an online stream of income. Moreover, you are free from all worries about product stock – finding it, purchasing it, warehousing it, maintaining efficient inventories of it, or shipping it. All you have to do is recommend the products of other people in exchange for raking in a commission. You simply lure traffic to your own website and then re-direct that same traffic to the merchant’s website. When the site visitor buys the product, the merchant sends you a commission.


What kind of commission can you expect? This depends on many factors, but solid merchants can be expected to fork over commissions of 20 percent, up to 50 per cent. But it is like anything else. If you want your affiliate business to really pay off, you must put in the work and time to make it happen.

Here is how you can do what it takes to go the extra mile and become a Super Affiliate – an affiliate who takes the initiative and makes the right steps to really make his or her business grow.

Niche Market

First, determine a niche market and target it with your affiliate products. Just because you happen to like a particular product is not a good reason to include it on your site. And do not turn your site into a veritable flea market, filled with products that are unrelated to each other. The key is to look for a hungry market and choose products that site visitors are most likely to purchase.

It also is important to build credibility and relationships with the visitors to your site. If visitors respect your opinions and trust your judgment, you will be much more successful. This means, of course, that you will need to engage with your site visitors – and this takes time. You can post blog comments and send Emails regularly, for example. And do not forget to use social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter. These methods are all simple, and they help build the relationships and credibility that are critical for your success.

Market Your Products

Plus, you need to market your products actively. If you simply post a banner for a product on your website and expect to see profits – well, it is not going to happen. Instead, you will need to constantly look for ways to improve the design and quality of copy that is on your web site. Always strive for targeted high quality content. (Of course, you can also use bulk content to lure people to your site, but it has to be of good quality, too.) Also, seek new avenues for engagement with site visitors.

Create good reasons that people will want to visit your website. Entice them. Make the site content rich and interesting – and better yet, useful. Product reviews, competitive analyses, newsletters, tips, blogs, polls and quizzes are some of the things you might consider.

Test Your Strategy

Finally, continually test the marketing strategies you have chosen. Always seek better ways to capture site visitors’ attention to your affiliate products. Find ways to attract new visitors. And test new ways of converting customer visits into income.

It is not difficult to become an affiliate. But to be a Super Affiliate, you will need to find the right market niche, get just the right affiliate products for your market, build a top quality website that will sell for you, write high quality content in your sales copy, and attract high traffic flow to your site by making it worthwhile for visitors to go there.

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