Creating and organizing a personal budget is an important part of personal financial planning. Has it ever happened to you to think about spending money more wisely and organizing your finances? And how many times did you manage to do this? If you are not among those lucky people with best paying jobs, then you have to make some changes in your budget. And let’s start with what we spend the most money on: food. Here are some awesome tips on how to spend less at the supermarket.

1. Make a list from the very beginning

Try first to select the products that are on your list of priorities. Do not forget that season vegetables and fruits are usually cheaper. Always look for food recipes that contain less expensive ingredients or cheap meat or even no meat whatsoever.

2. Do not buy on the spur of the moment

If you found a product out of your shopping list that you know you will use in the near future, then buy it. Instead, don’t indulge yourself with throwing everything in the shopping cart. Check your purchases before you get to the cash register. Find products that are on sale.

3. Leave your children at home with your husband with a neighbor

Nobody has the heart not to please a child when he asks for all kinds of chocolates and colorful sprinkles. The stores are known for the art of products placing and these items, all these tempting goodies, are always on sight and at the reach of children.

4. Large supermarkets are generally cheaper than smaller ones

This is due to large reductions, but you must pay attention to the amount you purchase. It is not advisable to do shopping in the same supermarket every week, on the contrary, it is a good idea to change them periodically. This way you will find the best offers and you will be able to compare prices.

5. Look up and down

Usually very expensive products are placed on shelves that are at shoulder level and the cheap ones are either very low or very high. Having a look around is how to spend less at the supermarket.

shopping supermarket

6. Take your computer with you

You will want to do price comparisons. A lower price for a larger quantity is a good deal only if you what to use the quantities involved. But if you get to throw part of it away, then you cannot say you have made a bargain.

7. Avoid prepackaged and ready made products

Yes, they are very convenient, because they save time, but in no case is this an advantage in terms of money.

8. Try to eat healthier

A healthy diet is much less expensive than an unhealthy one. Rice, potatoes, fruits and vegetables are much cheaper than meat (and fast food products). That does not mean you have to be a vegetarian, but it is not healthy to satisfy your hunger with just meat. Also, you will have to have to spend some money on doctors, because having a diet manly based on meat is no treat for the heart.

9. Compare prices from the supermarket with those from the butcher’s

In most cases, your cooking skills will help you eat less and cook healthier food. Use chicken, beef and fish. They are healthier than pork.

10. Just buy food products from the supermarket

Usually, cosmetics, pharmacy and stationery products are more expensive here and cheaper at specialized shops. Also cleaning products will make a big difference if you take generic products that you can use for more surfaces.

11. Take your food to work or school

You can make sandwiches at home and so food will cost less than if you dine out. Limit your nights out in the city. Most families only go out on special occasions. A meal at the restaurant can mean lot of money spent. Also, dinner is always more expensive than lunch or breakfast. Be careful when choosing alcoholic drinks and dessert – they could make the bill be higher than you expected.

12. Look for coupons

Coupons are probably the best invention for saving money. So, make sure you collect them and use them every time you can. They will save you a lot of money.

We hope you now have a better picture on how to spend less at the supermarket. If you have any other tips, help us complete the list.

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