To make money over the Internet, you do not need to have a product or service that is your own. You can also rake in the cash by selling information. If you lack the time, inclination or money to develop a specialized information product, you can buy resale or reprint rights to products that belong to someone else.

This amounts to purchasing the right to sell a product that is already established. It might be high quality content, or even bulk content. You may pocket a sales percentage, or perhaps all the proceeds, depending on the type of rights that you purchase.

Or you might strike a gold mine by purchasing the master license. This allows you to sell purchasing rights to other entrepreneurs.

Purchasing the rights for an existing product is probably the least painful way to make money on the Internet. You do not have to expend the time, effort and energy required to develop a product of your own. Moreover, you can capitalize on the author’s name and reputation. What’s not to like?

Here are three kinds of information rights that you can purchase in order to make money on the web.

First, there are resell rights. These entitle you to sell a product for another person. The author continues to own the product, but you earn a percentage of every sale as commission.

You can also purchase reprint rights. These are more expensive than resell rights. However, you keep all the proceeds from your sales. With reprint rights, you can make unlimited copies of the product and sell as many as you can put into the hands of your customers.

The most valuable rights are master rights. They will also cost you the most. Similar to reprint rights, you can reproduce and sell the author’s product and garner 100% profit on each sale. In addition, you can sell reprint rights to other people. While they are expensive, master rights provide two income streams right off the bat: sales of both the product and the rights to reprint it.

Here are some of the information products that you can purchase to make money online. First there are eBooks. These are the most popular, and you will find them aimed at almost any market imaginable.

Next, consider Email courses. These are training courses delivered in small packages – over several days or weeks – by Email. You simply send the course material to the customer rather than directing them to a website for download.

Finally, there are Ezine articles. These are handy if you plan to deliver an Ezine to your customers but lack the time, writing skills, or desire to do the writing yourself. Instead, you simply purchase individual articles to constitute the content for your Ezine. Ideally, you will go for high quality content. Of course, you control article quality because you purchase only those articles that meet your standards.

Clearly, there are multiple channels for making money through the sale of information on the Internet. It is relatively quick and painless when you purchase the rights for sale of existing products.

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