Lately we’ve talked about what it takes to be a good employee or a good boss and so we have decided to continue this idea about how to be good at something. Today’s topic: how to become a good sales trainer. Here are some useful tips:

1. Always be prepared both theoretical and practical

Read and re-read a book on sales techniques at least one every two or three months. We know there are a lot of useless books out there, but some of them are good and you can use them to find things interesting and profitable ideas.

Then sell! Sell what you are asking your people to sell. You must be connected to current market realities to understand exactly what people say. Otherwise, when you will be asked a difficult question, you will answer vaguely and your authority as trainer will weaken quickly.

2. Do not talk to students, it will be boring

Do you know how awful it is to attend the meeting where just have to be careful and quiet? Then the same will happen to your students if all they have to do is listen to you. So, make sure you include them in your class. Make it interactive.

3. Ask them all the time to keep them connected

Start with a frequent business situation and ask questions around until you hear what you wanted to tell them in the first place. Of course, you control the discussion with questions, but be patient, do not rush and listen to their answers.

For example, a series of questions could be:

What happened on Friday morning with client X?

Why did it happen?

How do you feel about Y’s reaction?

How do you think he should have handled the situation?

What can we do to implement this change?

Young speaker at a meeting

4. Never ask them if they understood

Another important tip on how to become a good sales trainer is to never ask your students if they understood a particular idea. In 99% of cases, people will not admit that they haven’t understood something, out of shame and the desire to finish as soon as possible the training session. Instead of asking questions such as “Did you understand?” or “Is it clear for everyone?”, ask them to give you examples.

The more relevant and clear examples you will receive from them, the more sure you can be that they understood what you wanted to convey.

5. Keep a consistent eye contact with each of the students

In the specialized language of trainers, it is said you have “orphans” in the room if people do not get the same attention and the same amount of eye contact from you.

If people are not looking at you, they are looking at the clock, at each other, browsing the Internet or playing on their mobile phone.

6. If they ask you concrete solutions to their everyday problems, offer them in detail, but do not rush to answer

The key moment of any course is the situation in which the theory has been delivered and bravest one in the room asks a question to the trainer: “So, how do I apply this stuff in my line of work? Because I don’t know how or whether it works for our product / service”.

In such times you need strong nerves, patience, tact and to follow the next steps:

a. Ask as many questions as possible to clearly understand the situation which your student is facing (otherwise, if you hurry, you’ll almost certainly give a wrong answer and they cannot wait to catch you in the wrong.

b. Make sure everyone in the room wants to know the answer (otherwise you risk wasting the training session).

c. Check the frequency of that business situation (avoid talking about rare situations, it is the most inefficient use of time in the form of a training).

c. And as you get information from them, prepare the exact response they expect from you.

d. If you don’t have a solution on the spot, which is a bit sad, because people want to see some magic in a trainer, then tell them you will give them an answer by e – mail as soon as possible. And make sure you keep your promise.

That’s all for today. We hope these tips on how to become a good sales trainer will improve your training skills. And if you have other secrets, be a dear and share them with us.

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