Last time we talked about what it takes to be a good boss. That got us thinking: what makes a good employee? Finding a job, especially in the current economic conditions, is not an easy thing, but to keep a job is even more difficult. Once you have signed a contract with a company, certain rules must be followed and certain tasks must be performed. The employee plays the most important role in a company, he represents the foundation, because without him, there would be no company. Keeping a job is not easy, but you can do great in these area, if you follow these easy tips on how to be a good employee:

1. Work!

It is the right of the employer to have high expectations from you and it is your desire to be productive and help the company grow. Employee workers often receives rewards or promotions if they do the job over boss’s expectations.

2. Be punctual!

A good employee should always get on time at work. Nobody says you can’t be late from time to time, but don’t make a habit out of it, because today companies have very strict policies on being late and this is one of the most important reasons for which they dismiss employees.

3. Be smart!

The employee should stand out in the crowd, manage to differentiate himself from everyone else. It’s always good to be smart and look smart. Is it possible your boss asks for your opinion on various topics. You must be prepared to provide brilliant and appropriate ideas.

4. Meet deadlines

Meeting deadlines is how to be a good employee. If you are given the task of working on a particular project or activity, do your job well and finish it on time or even ahead of schedule. When you’re at work, make sure your job is the priority.

5. Cooperate!

An employee should cooperate in the company’s activities. Do not isolate yourself and do not remove fellow employees from a project. Have fun with it, enjoy it, because it can come a day when you need their help, in one way or another. And remember that “good team player” you added in your resume? Time to prove it.

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6. Manage your time

Expect a higher workload when you start working. This is the way time management appears. Of course, for every task you are assigned, there is a deadline. Manage your time so that you can finish everything you need to do in time. Employers often provide multiple tasks in order to test employees and see how well they manage their time and how they work under pressure.

7. Be reliable!

A good worker should always be trustworthy and loyal to the company. When you sign a contract with the company, you should follow the rules according to which all files and documents are and everything you see and hear in the company must remain confidential.

8. Work in a team!

If you’re part of a team working on a specific project, never hesitate to express your ideas and opinions. Contribute to the smooth functioning of the team. Do not ever become a burden to your teammates, failing to cooperate and being lazy, thinking that the others will handle it. Each person in the team has a specific role and if you don’t do your job, the entire project will suffer.

9. Mind your own business!

Do your job and do not meddle in your colleagues’ personal life. Do not engage in gossip and rumors. Instead, deal with your affairs strictly to avoid any problem. The workplace is the place where most rumors are heard and gossip is the topic of the lunch break. So make sure you stay away from people who would rather gossip than work.

10. Inspire others!

If you have all the above mentioned qualities, all that is left is to be an inspiration to your colleagues. Help them and inspire them to work harder and better. If they ask your opinion or advice, be there for them.

Probably there isn’t a recipe on how to be a good employee. Always be passionate about your work. It is normal to be tired sometimes, but do not let yourself be overwhelmed by fatigue. Remember that hiring is very uncommon today, so do not create yourself problems in the office. Work and aspire to more than being a model employee. Always remember that being a good employee doesn’t mean just doing what is in the manual, but doing something more, putting a little creativity in the process. Stand out. Think outside the box.

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