First Citizen’s Bank has been assisting customers with their banking needs for over 100 years. The values the bank holds have not changed over the years. This is why they believe their business continues to be trusted by generations of customers. This article will provide you with a brief overview of everything you will need to understand and utilize the First Citizens Bank login process. Whether you are accessing the bank from your computer or your mobile phone, you will be provided detailed step by step instructions. You will also find support and contact information should you require additional help beyond the reach of this summary.

First Citizens Bank Online Banking Login Guidelines

The First Citizens Bank login process is straightforward. The bank has simplified their website by providing the login area directly on their homepage, in the top left corner. To log in, simply:

1. Open your preferred web browser and go to the bank’s homepage.
2. Choose from the drop down menu the type of account you wish to login to.
3. Fill in the blank fields labeled Login ID and Password.
4. Finish by clicking the green login button located below the Login field.

First Citizens Bank Mobile Online Banking Login Guidelines

First Citizens Bank login offers you the convenience of logging into your account from your mobile phone or tablet. There are multiple ways to gain access to your account from a device, including utilizing your web browser, or downloading the First Citizens App, which is available for either Apple or Android devices. To login to your account using a web browser:

1. Open your preferred browser and navigate to First Citizens Bank web page.
2. Choose which type of account you need to manage from the drop down menu.
3. Fill in the fields labeled Login ID and Password.
4. Alternatively, utilize your four digit pass code to log in faster.
5. Finish logging in and gain access to your account by tapping the green Log In button.

The login process is the same whether using an Apple or Android platform. However, here are detailed instructions on how to gain access to the First Citizens app depending on your platform needs:

First Citizens Bank Mobile Login Guidelines for Apple Users

1. On your phone or tablet, enter the App Store and search for First Citizens Bank.
2. Choose the First Citizens app, and choose download to install the application.
3. Continue as detailed above to gain access to your account.

First Citizens Bank Mobile Login Guidelines for Android Users

1. Using your Google Play application on your Android device, search for First Citizens Bank.
2. When you have selected the appropriate application, choose to install it to store the application on your mobile device.
3. Complete your login as normal.

First Citizens Bank Online Banking Login Troubleshooting

Sometimes, even if we have carefully recorded login information, we forget our Login or Password. Repeated attempts to login to your account with incorrect credentials can result in your being locked out of your account, and unable to gain access. Other times, settings on our computers such as cookies, outdated programming, or other issues can make logging in difficult or impossible. Should you encounter any of these issues you can either access the Frequently Asked Questions page or call and talk to a member of First Citizens customer service by dialing 1-888-323-4732. If you need to talk to a real person and not the automated system, they are available between the hours of 7 am and 11 pm Eastern Time.

Useful Info

Hopefully after reading this article you are able to navigate your First Citizens Bank login with ease, whether you are using a traditional computer or banking on the go with your tablet or mobile phone. For your convenience, here are more helpful links that will further assist you with any questions you may have regarding your online banking account with First Citizens Bank.

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