Technology, health care, the actuarial sciences. What do all of these industries have in common? They are among some of the fastest-growing industries in the United States.

What are the fastest growing industries in the United States for prospective job seekers and recent graduates to consider? Some industries are growing much faster than other ones. Training for many of these industries is available at community colleges, universities, and even online.


Technology is one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. today. Jobs involving computers, especially computer support or help desk jobs, are in great demand right now. Degrees for these types of careers are available through online education as well as through traditional, brick and mortar schooling.

Health care

Another fast-growing field is health care. In addition to traditional health care careers such as those of doctors and nurses, allied health jobs are also quite popular today. These types of careers include athletic trainers, x-ray technicians, licensed practical nurses, massage therapists and even herbalists. Education for all of these different careers is available both in traditional formats and online.

Actuarial science and the accounting fields

These are two industries that offer great potential for jobs and are in high demand. These types of jobs involve working with insurance providers calculating risk assessment, or with public accounting firms crunching numbers. They provide great opportunities for those who are fluent in mathematics and comfortable with statistics. Online training is available for both actuarial science and accounting, as well as in-person schooling.

Becoming a museum curator would be an interesting position and is also a growing industry. Much of the education necessary to become a museum curator is available online, but some is also mandatory to be conducted in an on-the-job setting. Courses in the arts and art history usually are foundations for becoming a museum curator, which can be a high-paying position.

Court reporting

Another position in high demand is court reporting. Much training for prospective court reporters is available online. Also known as stenographers, court reporters have the crucial job of exactly transcribing everything that is said in a court proceeding. This is done in order to ensure a fair trial for the defendant, and is a staple of the U.S. judicial system.
These fields all offer fast-growing positions and industries, and surprisingly, training for most, if not all of these jobs is available online. You just have to know where to look. If you do choose online education, ensure that the online school you choose is accredited. Employers or even future graduate or undergraduate schools you might attend usually refuse to accept or even acknowledge the credits you earn at unaccredited, unrecognized online or traditional schools.

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