Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Eastern Bank is the largest and oldest community bank in the United States. It focuses on consumer and business banking services throughout the northeast. Eastern Bank makes customer convenience a priority with 120 locations and a robust suite of tools for computer and mobile devices. This Eastern Bank login guide will provide you with the information you need to successfully connect and access your accounts online via home computer or your mobile devices.

Eastern Bank Login Guidelines

The first step to using Eastern Bank login is to sign up for HomeConnect® on the Eastern Bank website. If you have any questions or have problems, you can call the Eastern Bank Customer Service Center at 1-800-EASTERN (1-800-327-8376).

Once you have your free Eastern Bank Homeconnect login account, you can easily sign in as follows:

1. Using your browser, go to the Eastern Bank website.
2. Click the blue ‘Login‘ box and choose “Personal” under the Online Banking options.
3. Enter your HomeConnect® ID in the “Username” field and click the orange ‘Sign in‘ button.
4. Verify the picture and personal phrase presented to you is valid before entering your password in the field provided.
5. Finish the process by clicking the ‘Sign on‘ button.

Eastern Bank Mobile Online Banking Login Guidelines

Eastern Bank offers 3 ways to mobile bank: text, mobile web, and mobile apps. All require enrollment in HomeConnect®.

Eastern Bank Text Banking Login Guidelines

Set up free text banking for your text capable cell phone with these steps:

1. Using your browser, navigate to the Eastern Bank website.
2. Log into your account as described above.
3. Select “Customer Service” tab to go to the Customer Service page.
4. Click “Manage Mobile Banking Settings” and follow the instructions provided.

You can use text banking for login if you are a mobile web user.

Eastern Bank Mobile Web Login Guidelines

Eastern Bank provides a mobile-optimized, secure browser. Login as follows:

1. If you have text banking, you can text the letter “L” to the bank.
2. If you do not have text banking, activate the mobile-enabled browser by navigating to Eastern’s mobile web.
3. Sign in using your HomeConnect® ID and password.

Eastern Bank Mobile App Login Guidelines for Apple Users

Download the free “Eastern Bank Mobile” app from the Apple® App Store to install on your device.

1. Open the app and enter your HomeConnect® ID and password.
2. Tap the ‘Sign On‘ button at the bottom of the screen.
3. Answer the security questions to verify your identity.

Eastern Bank Mobile App Login Guidelines for Android Users

Download the Android version of the app from Google PlayTM. Eastern Bank logging in is the same as for Apple devices.

Eastern Bank Online Banking Login Troubleshooting

Issues may include problems with your accounts, lost or forgotten passwords, or not having a HomeConnect® account. Functionality errors occur on the site if your software is outdated, or your browser settings disable cookies and functionality like JavaScript and popup windows.

Reset your password by clicking the “Forgot your password?” link. Ensure compatibility and security by using the latest versions of software and plugins on your computer and devices.

During business hours, call 1-800-EASTERN (1-800-327-8376) or click on the orange ‘Live Chat‘ tab on the right side of your screen on the bank’s site for help. Off-hours, click “Need Help?” on the Eastern Bank website and check out the HomeConnect® demo.

Useful Info

These instructions have been provided to help you use Eastern Bank logins to access your accounts via your home computer, cell phone, or smart devices.

For assistance with your Eastern Bank login you can call the Eastern Bank Customer Service Center at 1-800-EASTERN (1-800-327-8376) or check out these links:

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