Whoever said that behind every powerful man stands even a more powerful woman should read Forbes’ report on the top 20 business women in the world, as they seem not to need a powerful man anymore, but a powerful company to run. Last year, Sheryl Sandberg kept the headlines of becoming a board member of Facebook, after the company’s IPO, while Ginni Rometty became in 2011 the first woman to run monster IT company IBM. Marissa Mayer’s name was on everybody’s lips since the day she left Google to CEO Yahoo, while Arianna Huffington needs no presentation in the online media. But there are other women out there who didn’t let themselves be influenced by the current global economy and the financial issues that concern small business and big brands alike and who took a step forward in their careers, managing to run successful start-ups and businesses with a bang.

1.      Jessica Herrin and Blythe Harris

These two ladies not only that managed to build a successful company, but to implement a business model with worldwide success. Jessica found herself attracted by the business world in her young years, founding the weddingchannel.com. Together with Blythe she managed to become one of the most successful young women in business, as their jewelry boutique Stella & Dot managed to rank 57 in Inc. 500 list of the 5,000 Fastest Growing Private Companies, according to SFGate. Awarded for their efforts and implementing a business that still seems revolutionary, the two beautiful women are an icon to any future business woman out there.

2.      Wendi Sturgis

Nominated by Business Insider together with Herrin and Harris among the top 13 promising women in business, Sturgis is still calling the shots at Yext from her EVP of Sales and Services position. Yext is a tech company providing services to business owners, publishers and individual running business and their team is prospering with newer solutions, revenue and clients every year.

3.      Sari Davidson

Nominated by Fortune Magazine as one of the most powerful women entrepreneurs of 2013, Sari’s name is intimately connected to BoogIn Head, a company offering mothers and their families’ reusable food pouches to ease up their lives. An article on Huffington Post explains how a mother managed to turn her son’s pleasure of making her chase his sippy cup into a million dollar business. A mom who had an idea is now a successful business woman running a $3.5 million company.

4.      Ann Hand

Also nominated by Fortune Magazine as one of the most influential and powerful women entrepreneurs of the year, Ann is no stranger to an industry traditionally ran by men: energy. Her business, Project Frog offers construction builders with hi tech solutions for designing and creating energy – efficient buildings, thus contributing to a healthy environment and a safe future to mankind. Her project “it’s like a high-quality Ikea building in a kit, but it’s hurricane strength,” told Ann to Fast Company, who also nominated her in 2011 as one of their “100 Most Creative People in Business”.

In a world led by men, women’s entrepreneurial voices are beginning to be heard louder and louder. Running multi – million dollars companies, they managed not only to make a living for themselves, but to also improve the lives of millions other customers as well. Their originality, creativity and ambition represent business models for everyone interested in developing their own businesses.

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