Chemical Bank offers a variety of banking services. Several checking, savings, CD, and card services are available to those interested in personal banking. The financial literacy option is a feature that is not present in most banks, but is an impressive add-on that helps with budgeting and understanding general “balance sheet” calculations that can reveal opportunities for extra savings and favorable deals for homeowners and credit users. Business banking runs the gamut of business accounts, merchant and payment processing services as well as equipment loans, SBA loans, and working capital LOCs. Retirement, trust, and general investment management services are available for wealth management clients.

This article will take the reader through the Chemical Bank login procedure, covering all the relevant steps needed to access a variety of financial services provided by the bank.

Chemical Bank Online Login Guidelines

Chemical bank login procedures depend on what specific service or account you want to access. For personal online banking, the simple procedure is:

1.  Access the Chemical Bank login portal on the main page.

2. If already signed up for an account, type in username and click “Login.” Continue with login instructions as directed by the bank website. Otherwise, set up a account via the “I don’t have online banking yet.”

3. Access “other services” as needed. For example, the “Business Banking” link opens a new page that prompts the user for Company ID, User ID, and User Password. Lockbox and Wealth Management offer similar prompts, with “Wealth Management” further specifying client needs with appropriate available options.

Chemical Bank Mobile Online Login Guidelines

The mobile version of the Chemical Bank login website is slightly different than what one sees on desktops. However, the layout is easy to navigate and user-friendly. Login steps are as follows:

1. Once opened in a browser, a small “login” text appears on the upper left hand side of the page. Selecting it generates a textbox for personal online banking login.

2. “Login to other services” generates a further drop-down list of banking options centered on business banking, wealth management, and lockbox services.

3. Clicking on the appropriate option opens a new tab or page that takes the user through prompts for user ID, password and, where applicable, Company ID.

Those interested in a more streamlined mobile experience are welcome to download the “Chem Bank Mobile” app for free and proceed with login accordingly.

Chemical Bank Mobile Login Guidelines for Android Users

Android users can login to Chemical Bank as described in the above general “Mobile Login Guidelines” section. There is no difference in website layout or steps needed to access banking services. Those users who would like to use the Chemical Bank Android app can access it via the Google Play store.

Chemical Bank Mobile Login Guidelines for Apple Users

As with Android users, the bank website appears identical to that described in the “Mobile Login Guidelines.” Follow the steps above with a suitable browser like Safari or download the Apple-compatible Chemical Bank app through Apple’s iTunes service.

Chemical Bank Login Troubleshooting

Make sure that cookies and JavaScript are set to allow all features of the bank website to operate smoothly. Though technical details are beyond the scope of this article, it helps to enable cookies and JavaScript for best chances of success. Things like account suspensions, transaction disputes or lost passwords are best dealt with through the bank’s customer service and security center portals.

Useful Info

Chemical Bank login features a user-friendly interface that helps personal and business/commercial banking needs. This article is designed to facilitate bank access and any related issues that users may encounter. Site visitors and customers can get more detailed info from the bank’s “Contact Us” page.

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