“Best Global Brands”, a yearly study report conducted by Interbrand since 2000 is one of the most expected market analysis in the field, as analysts as well as investors, find there good predictors for the future market and industry developments. Recently made public, this year’s Interbrand report shows both surprising and not so surprising results concerning big names and their financial value.

We live in a world dominated by technology, especially in the field of communication and online presence and few business analysts were surprised to find Apple as the number one brand of the year, closely followed by Google in the second place. Apple prides itself with an increase of 28% since 2012, placing it on the first place, with a brand value estimated at a little over $98,000 $m. Some reporters clearly admit that the numbers reflect the real face of our society: communication dictates in all our life aspects and it’s not about cell phones only, anymore. It is about connectivity, staying engaged, choosing to share or not and using everything the online world offers with a click of a button. There is no surprise, thus, that the first top ten places are occupied by tech giants such as Samsung, Microsoft or IBM or Intel.

Although other reports concerned with filing for public IOPs states that the tech industry isn’t very well represented on the stock market, this report, together with other two tech and communication leaders, Twitter and King which recently announced their IPO filing under the US stock regulations, may reflect a market stability and a sustained development in this regard in the next years, with Box and Dropbox rumored of being willing to go public as well.

One surprise, though, was Coca – Cola, worldwide leader in Interbrand tops for at least ten years in a row, placed now only on the third place, with a brand value increasing only with 2%.

The silver medal was won by Google and since it became the absolute ruler of search engine and search engine optimization, it was fair to predict a brand value increase. It went up 34% since last year, worth now $93, 291 $m.

Another interesting brand value increase was registered by Amazon. Placed on the 27th spot, it was listed as a Top Raiser, with an almost fabulous 27% in comparison to last year. If you realize that Amazon too is an online giant that is very close to its public and which represents the largest percent of the publishing industry, the same results next year may well place Amazon among the top ten brands of the world, as it keeps on expanding every day.

Facebook did a poor job as a stock market debutant last year and it is assumed that because of its disappointing first act, many tech industries had to suffer as a consequence of low investors’ trust. However, in 2013, Facebook was also listed as Top Raiser, with a company value estimated at $7, 732 $m, placing it a little below the 50th place, on 52.

As the food industry is concerned, McDonalds is way ahead of KFC, while if you are thinking automotive, in this department, things look pretty obvious also: Toyota is still among everybody’s favorite when it comes to cars, nominated the tenth brand of 2013, while General Motors has also a reason to be proud of: Chevrolet makes its Interbrand debut among the top 100 brands of the year, respectably occupying the 89th place, showing Ferrari itself how is it to be the fastest on the money making track.

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