Banner Bank offers a large variety of personal and business banking services. The website is conveniently designed in order to quickly and easily facilitate login and service outline. Banner Bank’s “Personal Solutions” allow for a variety of checking accounts, savings and CDs, a variety of loans and credit lines. “Business Solutions” focus on SBA and other industry-specific loan and financing options, savings, CDs, and checking accounts, as well as popular merchant services such as payment processing. To start with any service associated with this institution, it helps to go through the Banner Bank login procedure.

Banner Bank Login Guidelines

The bank has a straightforward login procedure. Login steps are as follows:

1. Access the Banner Bank Login portal.
2. Select desired account or service from drop-down menu, click the orange “Sign In” button.
3. Enter Username in new window, click Login. Enter password and continue to access your account.

Banner Bank Mobile Online Banking Login Guidelines

People use mobile devices regularly, so the following guidelines will be useful to anyone accessing Banner Bank login through iPads, tablets, smartphones, and the like.

1. Open the Banner Bank Login portal on a mobile-compatible browser. Common browsers on mobile devices tend to be Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox.
2. As with desktop devices, select the desired banking services on the right-side “Sign In” menu and click “Sign In”.
3. Type in Username and password information as prompted and click Login to continue.

Note that Banner Bank login is also possible with the Banner Bank Mobile Banking App. It is available for free download through Apple and Android devices.

Banner Bank Mobile Login Guidelines for Android Users

The steps for Banner Bank access through Android is very similar to the general Mobile Login guidelines:

1. Access the Banner Bank home page on a suitable browser.
2. Click on the three line icon on top-right of the page
3. From the menu that appears, scroll down to “Sign In”.
4. In the new window, select which banking service is required. The choices will be Online Banking, Credit Cards-Personal-Commercial, Redeem Points, Company Credit Card Admin, International Wires, Merchant Services, and Remote Deposit.
5. Follow the prompts for username, password and any other required information to log in.

Android users can download the Banner Bank app for more convenient mobile access.

Banner Bank Mobile Login Guidelines for Apple Users

The experience on Apple products is very similar since Banner Bank has a standardized website compatible with a variety of mobile products and Internet browsers. However, Apple users would be better served by a different site for Banner Bank app than Android users;

The Apple Banner Bank App is available through iTunes for interested users.

Banner Bank Login Troubleshooting

Along with virtually all reputable financial institutions, Banner Bank requires certain browsing and security protocols to function normally. User-end issues typically include cookies enabling and JavaScript activation. Also, a compatible browser is a requirement. Typically, major and popular browsers will not present issues if above-mentioned cookies and JavaScript settings are compatible with Banner Bank website requirements.

The other class of troubleshooting issues that might come up are forgotten/lost bank password or general account suspension. Though it’s hard to cover all the reasons an account might be suspended, typically the cause is user identity theft or, on a similar note, repeatedly failed login attempts in a short time. With those kinds of issues, it helps to contact Banner Bank personnel through the “Contact Us” feature.

Useful Info

This Banner Bank login walkthrough is designed to help prospective users understand what they can expect from their online interactions with Banner Bank. Interested parties would do well to contact Banner Bank through emails listed in the “Contact Us” page or by phone: (509)-527-3636, or (800)-272-9933.

The bank is based in Walla Walla, Washington and has branches operating throughout California, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, and of course, Washington. Though not as prominent as huge national and international banks, Banner Bank still provides excellent banking services and a smooth online interface for all types for customers. We hope that the Banner Bank online login process is much clear. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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