Obstetricians and Gynecologists

What are the best-paying jobs in the United States right now? The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics says that obstetricians and gynecologists make the most money of any worker in the U.S. With an average salary of over $279,000 annually, these doctors may have long hours and on-call responsibilities, but they are well-compensated for their hard work and years of study.


The next highest salary in the United States is earned by anesthesiologists. These professionals earn over $271,000 per year. They are responsible not only for putting patients to sleep during surgical procedures and operations, but also for relieving pain after surgery. Some anesthesiologists also work in pain management, treating chronic pain.
You know those business big-wigs you see on television with the fancy clothes, personal jets and cash coming out of their rear ends? They are third on the list of highest-paying jobs in the United States. Yes, chief executives make an average annual salary of $192,780. Most of these executives have business and/or accounting education and backgrounds, and rise through the ranks of their organizations to get to this high-paying level. Running a company certainly has its benefits, as we’ve all seen on recent news reports.

General internists

Another medical professional who earns a great deal of money (but, sadly, not as much as a chief executive) is a general internist. This physician, who usually treats adults only and covers a wide variety of illnesses and conditions, makes over $181,000 annually. General internists are in school for quite a while, first in undergraduate college, then graduate medical school, and finally, in up to eight years of a residency. Therefore, their compensation seems to fit the profession quite well.

Family practitioners

Family and general practitioners are other physicians who rank right up there among the most highly paid professionals in the nation. These health care professionals, who earn more than $162,000 per year on average, are not only doctors but also nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants. One’s family or general practitioner is usually the first line of treatment for any type of illness, be it general or specific. He or she might then refer patients to a specialist, as necessary, for further treatment.

Law teachers

Law teachers in colleges and universities rank next on the list of the best-paying jobs, at over $152,000 per year. They not only conduct classes, but may also participate in research and writing papers. Still, some are shocked to find any sort of teaching professional among a list of the best-paying jobs in America. Who are we to argue with the U.S. Department of Labor?


Finally, psychiatrists round out the list of the top seven highest-paying jobs in the United States. They make an average annual salary of almost $150,000, but do have to muddle through years of education and specialization to get to the point where they may practice. Psychiatrists are responsible for treating many primary mental health care needs, and for taking on more intensive cases where applicable.

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