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12 Tips on How to Spend Less at the Supermarket

Creating and organizing a personal budget is an important part of personal financial planning. Has it ever happened to you to think about spending money more wisely and organizing your finances? And how many times did you manage to do this? If you are not among those...

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6 Tips on How to Become a Good Sales Trainer

Lately we’ve talked about what it takes to be a good employee or a good boss and so we have decided to continue this idea about how to be good at something. Today’s topic: how to become a good sales trainer. Here are some useful tips: 1. Always be prepared both...

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5 Mistakes to Avoid during an Interview with a Recruiter

In the current economic environment, many people find themselves without having any perspectives concerning a new job. There are a lot of online resources that help you find jobs, but it is the moment of the interview that separates the winners from the unemployed. To...

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10 Tips on Being a “Good Employee”

Last time we talked about what it takes to be a good boss. That got us thinking: what makes a good employee? Finding a job, especially in the current economic conditions, is not an easy thing, but to keep a job is even more difficult. Once you have signed a contract...

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