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Investors Bank has been serving the states of New York and New Jersey for nearly a century. Customers can take advantage of banking solutions for personal accounts, small business, or commercial purposes. Customers can access Investor's Bank online for financial services and keep abreast of their accounts.

Investors Bank is the official bank for the New Jersey Devils and The Prudential Center.

A commitment to getting the surrounding community excited about and involved with banking services is essential to Investors Bank.

This fine financial institution has been offering its expertise to help clients with developing wealth management solutions and supports the needs of small business and commercial operations.

 Investors Bank has been providing financial services for New York and New Jersey since the early 1900s and continues to offer all the conveniences of modern banking needs online and offline.

Quality Customer Services

Customers of Investors Bank can get in touch with customer service representatives during normal operating hours.

 Customer service representatives are knowledgeable about all Investor Bank operations, protocol, and are happy to answer all questions regarding your financial needs.

Quality Customer Services

Operating hours are Monday through Friday, between 7:30 am and 12:00 am. Saturday and Sunday customer service can be reached between the hours of 8 am until 12 am

 Additionally, inquiries can be made via the Investor Bank online login, where there is the option to use a secure Chat link. Customers can rest assured that any needs or concerns will be handled expertly and professionally by staff in real time chat communication.

 If a customer does not have a significantly pressing matter requiring a phone call, or online chat, Investors Bank can be contacted via an email form provided on the website.

 Investors Bank is a financial institution that prides itself on following four core values.

  • There is a commitment to cooperation via working together for the common good and benefit of all
  • A focus on character, either combined or evaluating individuals respective nature is emphasized
  • The community is another focal point because of the value of sharing ideas and information
  • Remembering the importance of commitment, and honoring obligations and promises

About Investors Bank History

Investors Bank is a full-service bank that is publicly traded and headquartered in Short Hills, New Jersey.

Over 150 branches are representing Investors Bank located throughout New Jersey and New York, offering personal banking, commercial banking, and small business services.

 Investors Bank has its origins dating back to 1926. The institution incorporated as the Washington Rock Building and Loan Acquisition kept its name for a little over 15 years, before it changed its name to the Investors Saving and Loan Association.

 After a lengthy amount of acquisitions of other institutions, mergers, and growth, the institution formalized itself as the Investors Savings Bank. Today, Investors Bank is currently operating as a two-tiered holding company and is a subsidiary owned by the Investors Bancorp, Inc.

 Investors Bancorp, Inc. is a publicly traded entity on NASDAQ under the ISBC symbol.

Services Offered

Investors Bank offers a full range of financial services.

 Customers can take advantage of wealth management and retirement planning, apply for a loan, maintain a personal checking or savings account, or conduct business with a small business account.

 Conveniently, customers can utilize the online banking services provided by Investors Bank, allowing for full access and monitoring of their accounts at any given time.

 Customers can visit the Investors Bank website and conduct financial transactions connecting to their personal or small business account, business account, commercial account, or credit card.

 To keep account information secure, customers must provide a log-in ID and a password.

All accounts are insured by the FDIC up to a value of $250,000.

Insurance And Wealth Management

Commercial accounts and small business accounts can take advantage of Investors Bank insurance coverage and related services. Regarding businesses and commercial operations, Investors Bank offers customers a thorough assessment to mitigate risks and formulate the best plan for financial success.


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Both short-term and long-term objectives can be protected and evaluated via Investors Bank insurance packages.

Banking Solutions That Make Cents

Banking Solutions That Make Cents

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In today's digital age, access to financial accounts is vital to conduct daily affairs, and security for financial and personal information is essential to conducting good business and building trust. Investors Bank online services allow for customers to connect to their accounts via their Internet-connected devices.

 Investors Bank offers Checking accounts, Savings accounts, Money Market Accounts, CDs, and IRAs.

Customers who enjoy traveling can exchange their currency before going overseas, make international wires transfers, and utilize remittance services to Portugal.

Lending & The Value Of Home

Investors Bank is the place to secure a loan or mortgage for purchasing a property.

Lending & The Value Of Home

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 Owning your own home, or expanding on your list of properties is vital to financial security and enjoying a bright future. Plus, home ownership and developing equity in properties is a great way to secure a legacy for your family and the financial future of your heirs.

 Investors Bank provides a large selection of mortgages and loans, based on your unique needs and plans.

Customers can choose from Fixed-Rate Mortgages, Adjustable Mortgages, a First Home Club, and FHA Mortgages.

 Getting started on the process of applying and securing a loan or mortgage is just a phone call away. The expert financial advisors are ready to assess your lifestyle and pressing demands for your property, so you can put your mind at ease, and trust that you will find the right plan for you.

 Personal loans can be conducted where borrowers can take between $2,000 to $25,000 without having to put up any collateral. After being a valued and loyal customer of Investors Bank for a minimum of a year, this is only one of the benefits. There are both two year and five-year terms available for this opportunity.

A Commitment To Philanthropy & Community

What's a bank without the members of its community?

 The Investors Foundation is a group under the Investors Bank that has established itself as a powerful force for positive change and growth. Since the year 2005, the Investors Foundation has given over 32 million dollars to various causes and organizations to give back and enrich New York and New Jersey.

A Commitment To Philanthropy & Community

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 Robert Cashill is the President, Director, and Chairman of Investors Bancorp and Kevin Cummings is the Vice President, Treasurer, and Director. Mr. Cummings is also the President and CEO of Investors Bancorp.

 Donations and investments in housing, the arts, economic development, family services, and health and wellness are continually being supported thanks to the Investors Foundation.

 Customers and interested individuals who want to get involved with the Investors Foundation can keep abreast with current updates and activities online on the Investors Bank website.

How To Login Online Banking

There is a lot to be gained by utilizing financial services and connecting to Investors Bank online.

 While on the go, at home, or traveling, you may not always have the opportunity to stop by a local branch to conduct transactions. The ability to visit Investors Bank online via a mobile device, computer at home, or other Internet-connected device is a wonderful convenience.

Bremer Bank Online Banking Login Troubleshooting

 Security and encryption of data are important to keeping your personal information safe from hackers and unsavory characters.

 To access your account, you must first select the correct type of account. Next, you will type in your User ID, and lastly your password. Always make sure to be aware of your surroundings when accessing your account, and utilize a secure connection to the internet.

 Never share your account information, regarding your unique log-in ID or password with others, or leave the information where it can be easily taken.

 If you are unable to successfully log-in to Investors Bank online, you can choose to reset your password or contact customer services via phone or email.

 If you do move, you can access Investors Bank and log-in to your account online to change your personal information, and keep your account updated.

Enrolling In Online Banking

Taking steps to enroll in online banking does not take long with Investors Bank, and it is worth the minimal effort. Customers are required to enter their Social Security Number or Tax Number, followed by their active account number, and last name.

 After following the prompts that follow, you will officially be able to regularly access your account and other financial services online Investors Bank with ease. Whenever you desire to take advantage of secure banking access to make a deposit, withdrawal, wire money, or check on your account, you can 24/7.

 Security and safeguarding customer information is paramount to successfully conducting financial transactions online and providing excellent customer service.

 Online Investors Bank, customers can learn more about the steps that Investors Bank takes to ensure that your privacy is protected, access to your account information is secure, and stored in a manner that prevents the risk of hacking and fraud.

 Additionally, interested clients can take advantage of tips regarding hot topics such as Identity Theft, identifying fraudulent actions, debit card, and credit card safety, and other resources in case the unfortunate does manage to occur.

 Being aware, proactive, and taking preventative measures is the best way to maintain the security of your financial investments. Investors Bank values and respects the trust that its customers place in its ability to do keep all activities online secure.

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